Carriers & TPAs

Add exceptional value to your programs

Reduce costs for your clients and their employees. Our flexible and customizable products allow you to simply plug and play. We Deliver:
  • Speed to market
  • A-la-carte or turnkey administration
  • Product and service aggregation
  • Easy to use client and customer experience
  • Cost containment
  • Program innovation
  • Complete flexibility
  • Maximum customization
  • Individual or group enrolment processing
  • Private-label enrollment and billing services
  • Client-specific financial reporting
  • Onsite fulfillment
  • In-house marketing and web development
  • Dedicated account management and single point of contact
Offer your clients MyTrips360 to help them boost their offerings and close benefit gaps. Employee happiness pays dividends in retention, loyalty and productivity.
  • Our high-value products help attract and retain members.
  • Our money-saving plans provide additional revenue.
  • Our plans are easy to install and use, and savings are visible.
  • There are no limits on use, and no residency requirements.
  • Everyone is accepted – no exclusions.
  • Our plans can be blended with insurance products.
  • Our plans are offered on a voluntary basis or as a value-add for current offerings.
  • Our plans give immediate value to individual or group members.