We’ve Launched!

MyTrips360 Launches unique Lifestyle Rewards Program, offering password protected private access to valuable Travel Lifestyle, Health and Insurance Plans


MyTrips360, has launched a unique international Loyalty Benefits program dedicated to offering the smartest savings and life’s best experiences to groups and individuals everywhere.

The Program is based on the premise that individuals and businesses want value that truly translates to money in their pocket and enriches their lifestyle, but want nothing to do with long term contracts.

Leela Devi, Chief Growth Hacker says “Our number one goal at MyTrips360 is to pack our plans with a compelling combination of real value and truly useful services. We believe our plans can be an indispensable part of everyone’s lifestyle. ”

There are five available plans, all having a one-time setup cost and low monthly fee, with zero obligations. The plans are geared to Individuals, families, professionals and businesses. Once enrolled in a plan, the user receives unlimited, password-protected, private access to Travel Lifestyle portals with savings of up to 70% off the same Hotels, Cruises and Lifestyle activities they find on Expedia and the other public travel portals. MyTrips360 plan members also earn travel reward points, which can be redeemed for free travel and other activities, thus doubling up on their existing loyalty programs.

To truly enrich user experience, all five plans also offer a selection of invaluable 24/7 Personal Services which deliver a Personal Concierge, and Assistance with Emergency Medical, Security and Travel, anytime anywhere. In addition, plan members all have the option to purchase Telemedicine, Medical Second Opinion, and Insurance for low monthly fees.

MyTrips360 is available worldwide, in multiple languages and payment methods. We work with Affiliates, Advisors, Insurance Carriers, TPAs, Affinity and Loyalty Marketers, Unions, Associations and Employers. Our value proposition is a powerful one. See our Video

If you’d like to explore a distribution partnership, become a preferred Insurance provider or launch your own plan, please contact us at info@MyTrips360.com . Find us at https://www.mytrips360.com .

Book a Wellness Retreat This Holiday Season


Not everyone enjoys the holidays. Some people suffer. The best way to battle the holiday blues, especially if you’re the one tasked with the pressure of planning, is to go on a wellness retreat to recharge and restore your holiday spirit. Getting in touch with your inner self and taking some time to heal can help you cope and get into a celebratory mood. Here’s why:

It can change your mindset from a negative to a positive outlook.

Instead of engaging in the usual sedentary activities like watching TV, eating and drinking alcohol, a wellness retreat ensures that you do some form of exercise like yoga, walking, or hiking. These activities will alter your mindset . As your mood lifts, your energy to cope will increase and your holidays will be more enjoyable .

Reconnect and recharge

A wellness retreat takes you away from your daily routine and the holiday stressors or anything else that fatigues you. Distancing yourself from these worries by placing yourself in a positive nurturing setting allows you to reconnect, recharge and feel a change of energy and perspective.

“Me time” is a healing time.

Anyone who’s lost a loved one or been through a divorce, knows that the holidays can be a trying time.  A wellness retreat gifts you with the space and some time  you may need to heal.

In summary, don’t despair. Cope with the holiday blues by taking some time for yourself at a wellness retreat. Not only will it be good for your body, but it can restore your mind and spirit. Happy Holidays!


Wellness and Me In San Francisco


Looking for a trip that engages you and truly brings you to a new state of wellness? Look no further than San Francisco. This city has it all. We recommend a wellness agenda created by you for you, that incorporates the following activities:

  1. Pick the right hotel: San Francisco boasts many  boutique hotels that are oriented to maintaining a their healthy lifestyle. Look for hotels that have guided runs or rides, walking tours and healthy dining in house as well as recommendations for activities that prioritize their guests’ wellness.
  2. Eat well: That shouldn’t be too hard because SF is known as America’s best city for dining out. Thousands of restaurants and great chefs from varied ethnic backgrounds combined with a “Grown Local” mentality and great Napa wine make for an unforgettable gastronomic experience.
  3. Yoga:If you haven’t tried it, this is the place to start! This city is known for training some of the best instructors in the world. There are studios nearby, wherever you stay. Ask your concierge and find a class. If you ask, you will also find outdoor classes in beautiful park settings. Make it a daily ritual and you will find it enriches your overall experience. And when the trip is over, bring it home with you.
  4. Hiking: There are some great parks in and around the city. Golden Gate Park is larger than New York’s Central Park. Here, you’ll find hiking trails, lakes, gardens and even a herd of bison. There are huge redwood trees and butterflies and flowers at the Conservatory as well as meditation seats in the Japanese Tea Gardens. Wend your way west toward Ocean Beach, with its surfers, sunbathers and volleyball courts, to end the day watching the glorious San Francisco sunset.
  1. A Day at the Spa:San Francisco has great spas offering holistic healing, wellness coaching, nutrition, acupuncture, and the usual facials, massages, body treatments etc. Nothing beats a day pampering yourself in a peaceful sanctuary.

So get online and book San Francisco and enjoy the benefits of the city by the sea!