Here are the Key things you should know:


  1. MyTrips360 is a new and unique Loyalty Benefits organization that creates and manages, Health, Lifestyle and Insurance plans around the world for individuals and groups, including Employees/Employers, Unions, Associations, Carriers & TPAs, and Fundraisers;
  2. If you are an Individual that has learned about us or an Employee accessing a Voluntary Benefit, this is where you learn more about us and enrol.
  3. If you are an Employer, Union, Association, Carrier, TPA or Fundraiser this is where you inquire about our value proposition, setup your account and login to use our services.
  4. If you are a Broker or Affiliate, this is where you inquire about our value proposition, setup your account and login to use our services.
  5. If you already belong to one of our plans, this is where you log in to access your benefits.
  6. As a user of one of our plans, you get unlimited password protected access to a range of benefits, including MyTrips360 24/7 Special Assistance Services, Health Services (ie medical second opinion), Insurance and Lifestyle Portals. New plans and benefits are added regularly.
  7.  Once you’ve enrolled, you can login any time and use our Toll-Free telephone number anytime anywhere to access our Health programs, Insurance info and MyTrips36o Special Assistance Services. You may also access our secure Lifestyle Rewards portals and purchase net rate services directly through secure payment gateways (we take no commissions whatsoever). We are not a travel agency or club or operator and do not issue tickets or arrange travel, you can purchase directly through the Lifestyle Rewards portals.
  8. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.
  9. Also, please see our Privacy Policy

Our plans are very simple. You pay an initial one-time setup fee, then monthly thereafter. There are no longterm contracts. You can cancel any time with no penalty. For more details please visit the Pick a Plan page. Employers, Unions, Associations, Fundraisers, Carriers, TPAs receive group pricing based on the plan they choose and the number of people enrolled.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for details. The Plan can only be in your name. You can add one other traveler (ie spouse or partner or dependent or friend). If you have a family plan, you can include all your Dependents (ie those living in your household). A Student can only book for themselves.

Yes, of course! Regardless of whether you enrol through a group, you are only able to use the Plan as an Individual. There are no limitations as to how often you login or utilize your 24/7 Special Assistance services.

Yes, we do offer programs for HR departments that wish to offer added benefits to their employees. We also offer group purchases. If you are interested in a group purchase, please visit

All our plans are paid monthly and renew automatically each month. We do not obligate you to a long term contract. You can cancel anytime without penalty.

MyTrips 360 Loyalty Benefits Plans are suited to everyone. For more information, please visit our homepage!

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