Reasons to Choose MyTrips360 Fundraising Programs

Your goal is NOT just to raise the most money, but to deliver the most money to your Charity. We know Fundraising is challenging. There are simply too many choices for the limited dollars your Patrons want to give. Make their choice simple while netting more for your charity. MyTrips360 Fundraising programs give you a branded, password protected High Value offering your Patrons will happily purchase.

Give them something with obvious value:

Unlimited Password Protected Health and Lifestyle Rewards services and savings worth much more than the cost of membership.
24/7/365 Personal Concierge for all their needs everywhere, large and small.
24/7/365 Emergency Medical Services worldwide

We Make it easy and profitable!

easy to implement plug and play online set up, branded for your charity
you set your own profit margin
Branded Gift Carding Program for point of sale at the event (direct, raffles, auctions etc)
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Become an Advisor or Affiliate

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